Consultation package

This package will help get you on on the right track and outline all of the things you will need to do to get yourself ready

Initial consultation
Desktop survey
Present options and budgets
Recommended next steps
Follow up consultation

Technical package

This package will help determine the exact amount of power you have available at your development and a consultation with your local energy provider to establish the costs to upgrade if required

Consultation package (as above)
Technician site survey
Energy monitoring software
Budget for upgrading power
Follow up consultation

Turnkey package

This package will help consult and design the right charging solution for your needs and oversee the implementation and management

Technical package (as above)
Securing available funding
Agree project milestones
Install and set up solution
Service and maintain equipment

Our consultation service

Our packages are priced to accommodate the work involved to present our findings and some options to allow you to make an informed decision.

Our initial and follow up consultation sessions are 45 minutes.

Please provide a description of your requirements so we can provide an accurate estimate for the work involved.

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