Design: The two types of chargers for apartment blocks with remote car parks

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There are two types main types of charging solutions for apartment blocks and residential developments

To help residential management companies and property managers make an informed decision when choosing the right charging points for their residents and tenants, we have outlined the two main types of solutions available to them.

Allocated or designated chargers

For residents with allocated or designated parking bays, they will have the option for have a charging point installed in their own bay.

In such circumstances, the charging point will be for the sole use of that resident. For some developments, this will be the only option available, however for car parks that have unallocated bays, there is the option for having a communal charging solution.

Communal chargers

Communal charging points are situated in unallocated parking bays that can be re-assigned to become a dedicated charging bay, accessible for all residents to use.

These chargers are similar to public charging points, where you will have a limited amount of time your vehicle can be connected to the charger to allow other users (in this case other residents) to access and use the charger.

Choosing the right solution

Whilst communal charging solutions are the most cost effective to install and manage, some developments will be unable to find unallocated bays to have their charging station positioned.

Some residents will prefer the convenience of having their own dedicated charging point, even when the opportunity for communal charging is available to them.

We will provide you with all of the available options, budgets and considerations to allow the management company to make an informed decision on the best way to move forward.

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